Please note that, unless stated as a brand new item or an item coming from a partner brand, all items sold on our website are pre-owned and vintage. This means that they might present minor imperfections or visible ones that will be mentioned in the product description area before purchase. Foreseeable deterioration caused by wear, tear and age, taking into account the age of the item, is not considered defects or non-conformity. Therefore, refunds bansed on this cryteria shall not be taken into consideration.Detox+Market has provided particular details on the quality or condition of items on the website. In addition, such circumstances do not constitute defects or non-conformity, even though such circumstances may be beyond what is reasonably foreseeable as wear and tear.

Please also note that leather products may present some parts that are smoother, some that are rougher, some that are drier than others. Some have veins, wrinkles, color differences - these are all natural characteristics of  leather and proof that you are holding a unique, natural product of artisanal labor in your hands. Each part of the leather reacts differently to the manufacturing process.

Do not be harsh. A wise man said we all deserve a second chance at love.

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