It all started with a break-up.

They broke up, she moved out, her dad drove a truck full of emotional baggage. Hollywood, where ya

She gathered her friends, sold all of her pre-loved stuff, quite a lot of stuff, heartbreak stuff, sex all night
long stuff, Bali-body stuff, I am all serious stuff, what am I doing with my life stuff, all of her friend’s
stuff. All in, keep on going.


Probably the most irrational thing that will turn you in an entrepreneur, an event planner and now an
online shop that connects something more than just feelings from all corners of the world.

We come with kindness for nature, kindness for you-not-wanting-to-hold-that-dress-because-it-
reminds-you-of-that douche, kindness for the mums, and the dads, the boys, the girls, kindness for your
extra pounds but for losing some too.

We come with quality. With understanding for pre-owned luxury and what it means for the

We come with support. With a curated selection of kind brands from all over the world who know that
heartbreak is not just a boyfriend, or a girlfriend. But an entire planet.

We come with change.

And we’re taking you with us!

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